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how i took all 6 prize cards in 1 turn


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so mega gallade deck isn't the strongest & there are certainly times that I lost with it whether it was due to bad luck or seimictoad ex


but a funny thing happened in one of my games that i can't believe i got soo lucky


i was battling a landorus crobat deck with lucario in it...it was a landorus & lucario bat deck


it was a bat war & i started with a bad hand with zubat as my first pokemon & the other player had a landorus as the first pokemon


i of course tried to power up my mega gallade but since i had zubat as my first pokemon he killed it in the first turn


my opponent kept putting energy on landourus while slowly sniping my gallade & bats....


of course while i powered up my gallade, i also tried to snipe his/her bats with my bats


i used mega gallades attack to try & take down the landourus but i couldnt kill it in 1 hit....so he killed my first gallade & i had to power up my second gallade


because i did half damage to my opponent's landourus, he retreated into another landourus & tried to kill my second gallade with hammer head....the 30 + 30 to bench pokemon & slowly kill my second gallade


anyways i already had damaged 1 of his landorus & some of his/her bats & my opponent already took 4 prize cards from my first mega gallade & killed 2 of my bat lines


my second gallade was also almost kill by his/her second landourus while i also spread damaged to some of my opponents bats & his/her first almost dead landorus


he also had a lucario on the bench in case he/she needed it but than i realized that the lucario had x2 weakness to my mega gallade & i happened to draw a lysandre before my 2nd mega gallade died to landourus in the next turn...so i lysandre the lucario & kill lucario ex & his/her first landourus ex that was badly damaged & also killed 2 bat lines of my opponent


that was 2 ex & 2 pokemon dead & i took all 6 prize cards in 1 turn


i couldn't believe how lucky i got & of course if i didn't draw a lysandre my second mega gallade would die & my opponent would have won instead....


mega gallade isn't op or a good deck but that game was amazing


Also I used gallades first attack in the beginning the 40 dmg one which help lower the health of the first landorus and I was able to reserve a bat or 2 to snipe only when my opponent scooped to a lower health bat...it was easier to kill zubat and global than to kill a high hp crobat

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I really want to like Mega Gallade.  It just typically takes too much luck & setup.  Bats is a nice way to spread damage, though I'm trying to use Forretress since it hits all.

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i don't think so,for me m-gallade ex is one of the best cards,relased in this set, you just need to make a good deck, enough fast to set up.

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Do you have a decklist for this? Which support is better? Bats or forretress?



my current decklist is 


1 shyamin ex


4 zubat


4 golbat


4 crobat


3 gallade ex


3 mega gallade ex


4 super scoop up


3 vs seeker


3 ultraball


1 professor letter


1 computer search


1 switch


4 professor sycamore


1 az


2 lysandre


1 teammates


4 N


1 colress


3 dimension valley


3 spirit link





i would say fortress is better only if you use sinister hand dusknoir to move the damages that was way spreaded

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Well it may be 6 prize cards in 1 turn, still it doesn't beat my 6 prize cards with 1 attack :P Which of course can be done with many different decks. If the number of prize cards were unlimited, the highest number that's possible to take with a single attack in 1 turn would be 18.

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My best is 5 prizes and sometimes lucky with 6 prizes in one turn for my old gourgeist-dusknoir deck, and now I am including M Gallade for testing but seems like it is affecting my consistency, as I found that I often had dilemma choosing to power up gourgeist or gallade, any suggestions? Can't both of them co-exist?


I would say that my biggest support is still on the 4-4 line of gourgeist, and gallade is only 1-1 line, I tried 2-2 line but like I said, consistency is affected

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