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[GAME] General - Multiple reports - Random Tournament losses; Sky Field (Roaring Skies #89) removal causes Bench stacking; LTC (Unnamed) ends turn


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I already reported 3 of them at the support thing, but because it costed me 3 expensive ticket tournaments  in the weekend I report them here once again, because I couldnt report them earlier due to  being muted on the forum


- Bug 1;


When playing against the new roaring skies deck and I reduce their bank from 6-8 to 5 with my stadium card, their cards stack up and we are unable to see if there are 3,4 or 5 pokemon on their bench a few turns later


This issue probably caused my earlier report on "wrong amount of damage" from last week..


- Bug 2;


When playing Lysandre's Trump Card against a Yveltal deck it can cause to end my turn all of a sudden (happened to me twice last week)


- Bug 3;


I only get 1 amount of tokens that I win, which is the ones from the wheel of fortune, the others from actually playing the game, I do not recieve


- Bug 4;


I lost a game of tournaments , for absolutly no reason..


The timer did not run out (90-120 seconds left),

My opponent didn't collect all his price cards

I did not run out of cards


The summary didn't show why I lost, because everything was empty





On a sidenote I once again want to complain about the last update (8x tokens for a trade)..


All these bugs makes it impossible to actually grind for tokens (which is a joke on itself, "grind for tokens so we can trade"


From not getting all tokens we should get, to game freezes, to lost connection message (which appearantly are just fine) which kicks you out of the game, without an option to return back to the game (in regualr vs mode).


Than I did not even talked about certain trades which just will not complete, no matter how good your offer is in global trade, which is again; a loss of tokens..


How are new players ever gonna get theirself an expensive deck , like the ones all these people have who come up with nonsense like "fair trade"




If it ain't broke don't fix it, is one of the first rules when it comes to programming!

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I can confirm Bug #2 mentioned above, I've seen that bug with other decks, not just with Yveltal.  I also have seen Bug #3 and #4.  Thanks for bringing this to the Mods attention, GL, :)

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i seen all those especially bug 1. when skyfield leaves, mainly  pokemon with an ability disappears from the bench.

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With bug #4 specificallly please save a copy of your game log if possible, and attach it to a support ticket.  Devs need to know stuff like this to figure out where things went wrong.

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Hey there!


The first three are known issues. If you haven't submitted a ticket for your 4th report, please do so. In your ticket, we would appreciate a detailed list of the steps taken before this occurred (please include set and Collection Number for cards if you remember them) or a game log if you happened to save it.


I'll be closing this thread now. Thanks for your patience! :)

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