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Welcome to Unova Industries Deck Competitions


     Here at Unova Industries Deck Competitions, you can build a deck, enter it into a competition and have fun with deck building in general! Competitions will be scheduled with sign up time periods and judging time periods. The winners will receive prizes, but remember, this is purely for fun and deck building inspiration.



  • Decks must fit standard format (except for special expanded/unlimited competitions)
  • Only decks entered within the time period will be accepted
  • Do not ask for special consideration from judges​


Competition Times


Sign Up Period: None at the moment

Judging Period: None at the moment

Winner Announcement Date: None at the moment


Criteria Judges Will Use to Judge


  1. Creativity of the deck (Not seen in regular play often or at all) Importance - 25%
  2. Practicality of the deck (How good is it) Importance - 60%
  3. Usefulness of every card (Cards that are put in the deck just to fill the deck will loose you points) Importance - 15%


Judging Formula


Judges will judge each deck by giving each deck a rating of 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best) then multiply that rating by the importance of the criteria. Judges will then add up the total and the highest total wins!



Creativity - 3 x 0.25 = 0.75

Practicality - 4 x 0.60 2.40

Usefulness of Each Card - 2 0.15 = 0.30


0.75 + 2.40 0.30 = 3.45

This person would get a score of 3.45 out of 5 for their deck.


 Important Information

  • To enter the competition, just put a post with the deck list and your in game username! You don't even need to have the deck yourself. If you win we will send you your in game prize(s). 
  • Check back often to make sure you can enter your deck
  • Judges will never need any more information then your deck list and in game name! If you see anyone claiming to be a judge who isn't on the judge list please ignore or if necessary report them.


Prize Structure


1st - 3 Packs

2nd - 2 Packs

3rd - 1 Pack



Judges will always be equally fair to the participants and will never give a score based on anything except the exact criteria its self.

 News - Check out the Unova Industries Trading Company page!

[No competition scheduled at the moment]

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