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Select All: setting your collection to trade.


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Please offer players a way to select multiple cards to set their status as tradeable or not tradeable.

If the cards displayed in the collection window (filtered) could be set en masse, that would be very nice.  Currently, I do not know a way to select multiple cards and change their 'for trade' status and resort to panning and clicking each one until carpal tunnel sets in and I can continue no longer, after 5 months I think I am still at 'S' and more cards have shotgunned their way scattershot throughout, I cannot even search for tradeable and not tradeable in the filters to narrow down which ones must be updated.

Also, the trade window displays have been sketchy at best for a long time, displaying 'ghost' cards which have already been traded, etc.

Could you please try to make this easier for us?



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Suggested this several months ago. Nothing's been done about it yet, so I'm happy you brought it up.


There are tons of extremely simple changes that could make the user experience way better, yet for some unknown reason, they haven't been made. This is one such change, so consider +1 to "select all."

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