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Continued Problem with Omega Barrier? Damage output from strong energy 'discarded'?


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Primal is active, with 3 fighting and one strong energy.

Tornadus is active defending pokemon.

On opponent's turn Team Flare Grunt is played, no energies appear discarded.

Opponent does not attack.

On my turn I Gaia Volcano, without a stadium expecting to do 120 damage (100+20) and KO Tornadus, saving my stadium for next turn.

I attack and only do 100 damage, as if the additional damage from Strong Energy is not applied, even though I can still attack (4 energy required, 3 fighting 1 strong attached) and strong energy still appears.


Maybe damage output was over looked when Strong Energy is targeted and 'no effect' happens it still affects damage output?

Very specific scenario, I know.

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Hey Trainers!

Good job working that one out! :) As this isn't a bug, I'll be closing this thread.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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