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Daily Challenge Didn't Issue Reward


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Just completed another Daily Challenge: KO 20 Pokemon using Water typed Pokemon, Reward x3 XP and Random 5 Card Booster.


After completing the challenge I got my x3 XP but was never shown what booster pack I got and when I went into my collection to check to see if it was there so I could open it.....there was nothing.


Doing these Daily Challenges is great, gives me something else to do with the game since I've completed all the Trainer Challenge a while ago and every day battles of the same decks over and over and over sometimes gets a little boring so when I complete these Daily Challenges I would like to see the reward for it....not just waist my time for XP and the reward not be rewarded.

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Hi Linnell,


So sorry to hear that! It's possible that there was a slight delay with your prize being added to your account. If you notice that you still haven't received your booster pack, please submit a ticket via the link in my signature so the support team can get that fixed for you! :)

More specifically, you can create a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your patience!

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