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Purchased Aurora Blast theme deck IRL today.


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I redeemed the code to receive the same deck for TCGO and I couldn't help but notice It gave me the "Gold Rayquaza flip coin" The theme deck in real life has the  "Green Rayquaza flip coin".


To summarize, you guys have the flip coins in the new theme decks reversed.


Aurora Blast should receive the Green Rayquaza flip coin.


Storm Rider should receive the Gold Rayquaza flip coin.



My friend went with me and purchased the Storm Rider theme deck, which is how I know the Gold coin does in fact belong to that theme deck.


Although it may be a minor issue to me, I figured others may find this troublesome. I am also sure you would like to have your online game as closely represented to the real life TCG as possible.


That being said, hope this helps~


P.S -  I was not sure if this qualified as a bug, but I went ahead and placed this thread here as I figured it would be close enough. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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