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Support Portal Down for this Week !


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Hello Friends, I don't if it is only me or not. But this week I have been trying to connect to the support portal and out of so many times I could only visit it twice in which one time  I got disconnected. I don't recieve mails high time about the tickets that are work in progress. So I need to get an update what is happening. And this week I really can't open the Support Portal, so if any one of you also is facing the same problem, kindly post here. I want to know whether its just a problem with me or the portal itself.


If its a problem in the site. Moderators\Developers\Staff please fix it :(

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Hello Harshu,


Given that we are seeing normal volume of contacts through the Pokemon Support Website, we feel that it may be a connectivity issue from your client.


If you have it available, can you try connecting using a different internet provider (for example: using free wifi at a coffee shop) and see if you can reach the site?

Also, if you are on a PC, you might try using the tracert command from the command prompt to support.pokemon.com and see what that returns.  If you are not familiar with the tracert command, you might search the internet on it, as there are a number of websites that detail it use and what the results mean.


I hope that is helpful for you!

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