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Bug with HGSS unleashed jirachi


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I used hgss unleashed jirachi's time hollow on an opponent's garbodor with an archeops in play, however, during the opponent's next turn, he was able to re-evolve the trubbish despite there being an ancient power archeops in play. The garbodor was played from the hand and no evosoda was used. 

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Hey there!

Your report has been submitted to the Dev team for investigation. We appreciate your patience until this is resolved! :)


I'll be closing this thread now. Please feel free to create a new thread or submit a ticket via the link in my signature if you come across any other bugs that need to be reported. Please note that you can also email support@pokemon.com if you're having problems logging into the support portal.


Thanks for your report!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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