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Two daily challenge bugs


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I've encountered two bugs with the daily challenges; the first is minor, the second could potentially be very frustrating for some.


I've noticed that when you have two active challenges and you make progress toward both in one game, the flavor text within the icon can carry over from the first when the game is cycling through the rewards at the end of a match. For instance, today I had a deal 800 damage with a L PKMN challenge for 30 coins that was showing up first and a KO 24 PKMN with a L PKMN challenge for a booster that was showing up second. In games where I made progress in both, the x30 from the 30 coin challenge would appear on the booster's icon making it appear as if the challenge was for 30 boosters. This is likely merely a visual glitch and would have no impact on gameplay.


The second glitch I encountered in similar fashion. I had two P challenges open at once that I completed in the same match. When the game cycled through the match rewards, the first challenge (for 3 XP) caused me to level up. It went through the level up sequence, showing me the rewards and then went back to the reward sequence for the match which had left off on the second challenge. After it showed that I had completed the challenge, it began the sequence to show the 1 XP for that challenge applying to P but this time, the P icon and the XP bar were translucent. The XP bar went up normally but I checked my profile afterward and it showed that I did not receive XP for the second challenge. I'm not too worried about the 1 XP because it was an easy challenge but if it were one of the more lengthy challenges it would have been the source of much frustration.

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Hey there!

The second issue sounds like a known bug which the Dev team will be working on. However, we would greatly appreciate if you could submit screenshots of these issues if you happen to experience them again! :) Screenshots can be submitted via support ticket (which you can create by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question" OR emailing support@pokemon.com if you cannot sign in).


Thanks for your reports!

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