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tcg decks you've created


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This thread is a way to post your decks so they can be rated and improved by other people. use the format below




x1 Delcatty Rising Rivals


Name the card, how many, and what expansion.


Without further ado, 2 of my decks


Deck 1:Poison Rocks




Psychic, Fighting, Metal


x1 delcatty rising rivals


x1 koffing HGSS


x1 weezing rising rivals


x1 weezing HGSS


x2 aerodactyl GL rising rivals


x1 metagross legends awakened


x1 mismagius unleashed


x2 vibrava rising rivals


x2 riolu unleashed


x1 lucario unleashed


x1 lucario majestic dawn


x2 hippopotatas rising rivals


x1 hippodown majestic dawn


x1 hippodown rising rivals


x3 beldum unleashed


x1 golem e4 rising rivals


x1 gliscor e4 rising rivals


x1 dragonite fb surpreme victors


x1 metang unleashed


x1 rhyperior e4 rising rivals


x1 chatot g surpreme victors


x1 flygon rising rivals


x1 trapinch rising rivals


x1 skitty platinum




x1 aaron's collection rising rivals


x1 cynthias feelings legends awakened


x1 bill hgss




x2 revive bw


x1 pokeball majestic dawn


x1 poke ball hgss


x2 life herb unleashed


x1 poke turn platinum


x1 bench shield arceus




x7 fighting


x6 psychic


x1 sp


x2 metal


x1 double colorless


Deck 2 Leaf Burn coming soon


plz rate good luck










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fighting deck:


x1 Lunatone


x1 solrock


x2 phanpy


x2 donphan


x1 nosepass


x2 wooper


x2 quagsire


x1 timburr


x1 gurdurr


x2 machop


x2 machoke


x1 machamp


x2 hitmonlee


x1 trapinch


x1 vibrava


x1 mankey


x1 primeape


x1 cacnea


x1 cacturne


x20 rock energy


x1 leaf energy


x1 lightning energy


x2 energy search


x1 pluspower


x2 potion


x1 amulet coin


x1 energy switch


x1 switch


x1 bill's maintenance


x1 gambler


x1 solide rage




sorry i don't know which series most of them are in


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google the pokemon click on bulbapedia. scroll down until you find a link to the tcg cards for that pokemon.


click on each on until you match the card.regular_smile.png


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i also recommend 2 things:


instead of all fighting, choose a secondary type. a water/pyschic deck would dominate you


Also, get more basic pokemon and stage1 pokemon take out some energy. or get double colorless energy/rainbow energy.


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