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Mega Heracross EX - Keep or Exchange?


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Okay, I have to check after maintenance is over and see if I can find it in my collection but when I redeemed seven code cards the other day, one of the six booster pack code cards granted me a Mega Heracross EX card in one of the booster packs I unlocked with Code Cards in-game. I don't have a Heracross EX in my collection in-game so I can't use the card as of right now and I'd like some advice on what I should do with the card.


Should I put the card up for exchange for something or should I keep the card? As of right now, I only have one of this card with no Heracross EX to use with it so while getting the Mega EX card was a pull of a lifetime for me, I'd rather not keep if I don't have the EX card it evolves from.


If I were to exchange this card for something, what would someone give to have it?

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Heracross EX and Mega Heracross EX are largely regarded as unplayable.  They lack a spirit link like other pre-Phantom Forces Mega evolutions so you lose a turn evolving, and while Mega Heracross features some pretty outstanding damage output, the balancing disadvantage to that can cripple Mega Heracross precisely when it needs to do maximum damage (when M Heracross is injured and needs to KO that other guy's EX pokemon).  While leaf type pokemon currently suffer from a lack of a strong EX aside from Virizion and Genesect whose values are probably too high for newer players to contend with, they do hit popular and powerful pokemon for weakness, Siesmitoad, Groudon and Kyogre.

Properly supporting Heracross requires, in my opinion, stage 2 pokemon able to move damage counters off of Mega Heracross or heal him continually as well as tough basic pokemon or strategy able to absorb damage and give you the turn to evolve Mega Heracross on your bench so you can take advantage of his relatively high damage output.  More recent mega evolutions feature attacks which make Mega Heracross' pale by comparison, unfortunately.

On the plus side, the energy requirement of that attack is somewhat lower.

Several times I have had the fortune of pulling Mega evolutions without the associated EX required to play them and I suspect that they may be slightly less rare, requiring you to buy more packs in the lottery or trading for a card that makes them usable.

You are unlikely to get a potent mega evolution in trade for M Heracross.

I suggest looking in the in-game item exchange forum to see for yourself the current 'value' in packs of that card in particular should you decide to pursue exchanging it to expand your collection.

Good luck!

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