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Need Help With Some Deck Constructing.


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So I have a couple of ideas for decks, and I am already building one of them; however I have no idea what Trainer cards I should use so I was hoping that you guys and girls could help me out.



Okay, so, my first deck which is temporarily called "No Retreat" consists of the following Pokémon:


  • 3x Fletchling.
  • 1x Fletchinder.
  • 3x Talonflame w/ Flare Blitz.
  • 2x Yanma.
  • 2x Yanmega w/ Surprise Strike.
  • 3x Manectric-EX.
  • 3x M-Manectric-EX.
  • 3x Emolga w/ Call for Family.


Obviously Rare Candy, Evosoda and Manectric Spirit Link will be added in. I was also thinking of adding in Professor Juniper, but aside from those I have no idea what else to add in.



My second deck (which I have not yet built nor come up with a name) will consist of the following Pokémon:


  • 3x Ho-Oh-EX.
  • 2-3x Vulpix.
  • 2-3x Ninetales w/ Colour Coordination.
  • 2x Team Magma's Slugma.
  • 2x Team Magma's Camerupt.


And that is all I have for that deck. What other Pokémon should I add and what Trainer cards? I was thinking perhaps adding a couple of Tornadus; and it's a no-brainer that Battle Compressor should be added. It might be handy to have a couple of Mew-EX in as well.

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For the 2nd deck, add in a few Camerupt EX, because it has pretty nice Synergy with TMSB Camerupt. Other than that, add in the usual staples and Blacksmith for the 2nd deck.

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3-4 N

3-4 Juniper/Sycamore

2-3 Shauna/Prof Birch's

2-3 Lysandre

1-2 Colress

2-3 Ultra ball

1-2 Starting Megaphone

2-3+1-2 Muscle band+Silver Bangle


2-3 Stadium

2-3 Skyla

2-3 Vs Seeker


More or less all of this should be in every deck. Of course you need to think if there's something better for your kind of deck (Water means quit Ultraballs and add 4 Dive ball) or if you prefer other kind of tools for something (Hard Charm instead of Muscle Band or if you don't run nonEX quit Silver Bangles)...


Apart from this what else more do you need:


Healing (max potion, full heal, superpotion, Poke Center Lady...)

Faster draw or drawing from discard pile (Acrobike, bike, roller skates, Prof letter, Tierno/Cheren, Teammates, Battle compressor...), and don't run out of cards (Lysandre's TC)

Evolve (Evosoda, rare candy...)

Disrupt (Team flare cards, hammers, red card)



Look for specifically sets that helps you (as in Double Crisis you have Team Magma Grunt, Team Magma Secret Base... and you're running some Team Magma Pokémon)


For fire decks Fiery torch, Blacksmith and Scorched Earth will work good and together.



And at the last, how many energies do you need and what kind (normal + special energies).


Focus on make it work fast and powerful. And if you still have some space, in how to counter your weakness (if you're fire weak to water, look for water weakness and add a pair Grass attackers; or if you're Lightning counter the Fighting) and also counter the major threats of the game (SeismiEX, Yveltal...)


Of course everything have to adapt to your deck so change whatever! Hope this help a little bit.

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Flare Blitz makes you discard all your fire energy. You'll definitely need Blacksmith to power back up again. And probably some amount of Energy Retriever/Superior Energy Retriever. Lysandre's Trump Card also works and provides counter to Night March. You are not guaranteed to get Mega Manectric online and active, so you'll need backup strategy.


Float Stone will help you maximize Surprise Strike. You'll probably ********* Ringers or Nets to work with Manectric EX. Professor's Letters to search energy, since you will need to find Electric and Fire.

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Oh, maybe add in some Rough Seas with that Manectric deck, since M Manectric is a Electric type, it's allowed to use rough seas.

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