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Blasting Off Again?


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It's my intention to make a deck which mirrors the dim witted antics of Jessie and James.  It's of course not meant to be competitive, only humorous.  Could anyone else add to this, any actual Team Rocket cards long predate my interest in the game, is anyone actually familiar with team rocket cards and any strategy that was employed?  I'd like help to find some of these cards, is anyone willing to trade them?


2 x Wobbuffet - HGSS 13/123 Double Return

2 x Meowth - BCR 106/149 Fake Out

3 x Cacnea - PLF 9/116 Poison Sting

2 x Cacturne - PLF 10/116 Payback

2 x Team Rocket's Trickery


That's probably all that would be required to give the deck the 'theme' I'm going for.

Cacturne's attack would give damage to Wobbuffet, who would Double Return it onto yr opponent.

Most or all of the attacks have some coin flip involved, I looked for a much older Meowth with a ridiculous attack 'Miraculous Comeback' but apparently it hasn't been digitized for play and an old version of Wobbuffet with the Safeguard ability that would have rounded out the pokemon for the deck.

Any thoughts on unlimited Team Rocket in 2015?

And has anyone got some of these cards available for trade or a lead for me to pursue collecting them?


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Oh yeah, the miraculous comeback: flip as many coins as pokemon in play, both yrs and yr opponents, does 10 damage for each heads, Meowth takes damage equal to the number of tails.

Hilarious, no? Think about how funny that might work with Skyfield or whatever this Roaring Skies new stadium is called.

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