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Energy Recycling Deck (Milotic FLF 23)


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Green Energy


Synopsis: The basic function of the deck is to use Milotic to feed energy onto Clauncher or Eelektross as Eelektross continues to shove it right back into the discard pile as needed. Gyarados naturally becomes more powerful as the match progresses because even if you're not killing your enemies, you're still controlling your own prize card pool with Milotic and Rough Seas. Milotic may not be as tanky as some other cards, but due to Rough Seas she can act as a wall as you prep your other pokemon, and when you're nearly ready to attack, sacrifice her, place Eelektross, Clawitzer, or Gyarados into the front and start sweeping. Eelektross offers itself as a counter to a few common meta cards such as Yveltal-EX, and due to Milotic, it can be assured the first attack. 



3 x Milotic FLF-23

3 x Feebas FLF-22

2 x Gyarados

2 x Magikarp

3 x Clawitzer

3 x Clauncher

3 x Tynamo PLB-31

2 x Eelektrik PRC-63

3 x Eelektross PLB-33

2 x Suicune



3 x Rough Seas

2 x Rare Candy

2 x Dive Ball

2 x Switch

3 x Superior Energy Retrieval

4 x Professor's Letter

3 x Professor Sycamore

4 x Trevor



8 x Water Energy - Basic

3 x Lightning Energy - Basic


Issues: I feel like over all the deck is rather fragile when placed against all of the EX decks. Suicune is in there for that, and that alone. I have no normal types, and only one electric type. Every time I try to shuffle more of either of those, I feel like I must give up the power that feels built into the Milotic-Gyarados-Clawitzer style triangle where no matter what Milotic dying is doubly beneficial. I only have one family that makes it to stage 2 so the rare-candies feel wasted. The number of solid basic pokemon in general is fairly low. I feel like I have no poke-tools to improve the situation if my deck is doing poor over-all. I'd ideally like help molding this deck into something much more successful without giving up the core concept: Water-Electric Energy Rush/Recycle using Milotic.
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I like decks like these, but the problem is they're much too fragile to do anything. You're getting your opponent down to 3 prizes, and then swinging for 150, which is easy enough to retaliate and take the last prize.

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Yeah, unfortunately Milotic's ability doesn't work with EXs and the game has made nearly no attempt at all to balance them, so any deck that isn't pumped full of them is going to be fragile. Two prize cards is a nice reward for killing them, and any more would be ridiculous, but they always have high attack AND a ton of HP. There is no field trade off for EXs, only resource. Not to mention that many EXs have an attack that works entirely on typeless energy. I'm not even frustrated that they're usually rare/expensive, just that they're so powerful.


Back to the Deck at hand though. I think so far that I will swap the Clawitzers for Huntails, which should perform better. The Gyarados don't seem to be doing much for me in practice so I'll probably drop those for a Normal type pokemon, but not sure what. I want it to work well with my deck, rather than just be good. Right now I'll slot in some Kang-EX just for lack of other creative options. If I ran Trick Coin, and more of my cards had coin effects I could make something out of Cinccino maybe? Unfortunately that would dedicate a lot of deck space to mediocre 2nd forms. It may be 75% invincible, but its still got low HP when it does get hit. Plus I have to evolve it, which brings up the other problem with EXs, not only are they more powerful than even fully brought up stage 3 pokemon, and they can be played immediately, they also take up nearly no deck space :(


Really any suggestions at all would be helpful.

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