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Suggestion: Random Vs. Matches


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Okay, this might be a bit of an unpopular opinion, but it could help new players out a bit when they decide to stop playing the NPCs and start playing against real people...


When you're selecting your random match set up, why not include 2 options for standard decks?


1 with EX and Mega Pokemon allowed, and 1 Standard option where EX cards and Mega Evolved pokemon cards are not allowed.


Most players new to the game have no access to these cards until they have gone through several boosters, and with the majority of players in the game playing decks that are built around having several EX Pokemon in them, it leads to the new players suffering through a long series of losses trying to grind out the measely 1 or 2 token participation rewards until they have enough tokens saved up to start buying packs.


They're at a rather big disadvantage due to the lack of access to those types of premium cards, and if there was an option to play against others who decks also didn't include those types of cards it could really even out the playing field.


Give them a much better chance to win a match or two along the way while they work on building up their decks and finding EX and Mega cards of thier own.

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This has been suggested numerous times before and, as always, the same response shall always be given: there are ways to counter EX Pokémon. Many ways. In fact there are cards made specifically to take on and deal extra damage to EX Pokémon.


Take Bouffalant from Dragons Exalted. It's Gold Breaker attack does 60 damage to a normal Pokémon but against an EX Pokémon it'll deal another 60 damage making the total 120. Add Muscle Band to that and it'll do a total of 140, which will cripple most EX Pokémon.


Another example is Tropius from the Plasma Blast set. It's Energy Press attack will take down a Groudon-EX in one hit as Groudon-EX needs 3-4 Energy cards to use it's second attack.

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This idea has been brought up several times in the past, and has been discussed at length. Therefore I am going to close this thread. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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