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Pokemon Battles! Anyone with 5th gen. versions may battle.


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Whoever wants to battle me with a 5th gen. game may battle me at the Wi-Fi Club.




Friend Code:1334 9465 0727


6 Pokemon


Triple Battle


Flat Rules


Wonder Launcher Off


NOTE:Please send your own Friend Code to me between 6:30P.M. and 8:30P.M. I will comence battling between 6:50 P.M. and 8:30 P.M.


No cheats either.


This will be an every day schedule.


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hey i can battle you but later because i have no wifi connection right now but ill tell you my name and friend code name:anyname you pick friend code:206489805839 like 10:00 if im not there 10:30 pokemon black


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sorry zeker that other comment is 1 day old um can we battle today or tommarow which one?i can battle almost everyday oh yeah and i already added you


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