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Building a Fairy/Metal deck


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Hello everyone!

I am currently building a fairy/metal deck.

But I am a bit stuck, because I have two problems:


1) Except for Gardevoir EX, I have not seen any good fairy Pokémon

2) I don't know much good trainer cards that work well



Currently, I don't have a real deck, but just a lot of cards

I already have two regular Gardevoir EX's.

I have a lot of packs, so getting the cards will not be a problem.


What I have in my head:

Aggron EX's

Mega Agrron EX's

Metagross EX's

Mega Metagross EX's


I also have a Virbank city hypnotoxic lasers thing in my head, but I am not sure at all if that will work well with the deck.


So here are some other questions.

What non-ex metal Pokémon are good?

What non-ex fairy Pokémon are good?

What trainer cards will work well with the deck?

Are there any normal type pokémon that will help the deck a lot?

And, do some of you have any good combination of certain metal/fairy cards with trainers?


Sorry, I just don't have that big of a knowledge of cards, I've been living of a fight/water deck for a long time, and I'm searching for something new, and original.



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u can use

cobalian(non ex)

xeraneous(non ex)



trainers are

prof birch



fairy garden(stadium)

skyla etc...




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Not an expert but I don't think metal+fairy the best deal. Gardevoir needs full fairy energies and the metal Pokémon should be hard to set up full (attacks with 3 and 4 energies). Fairy probably fits better with Grass, and metal... I don't know.


Anyway you should probably think in:


Xerneas (XY)

Aromatisse (XY)

Slurpuff (XY)


You could use Carbink or Deddene or Diancie or any other with flipping coin attacks + Victini [Victory Star]


Fairy Garden (XY)

Frozen City (PLF)


Bronzong (Phf) + Battle Compressor


Excadrill AT

Klinklang are good, but Stage 2.

And I like Bisharp



You have your main attackers but maybe:


Cobalion EX

Florges EX

MDiancie EX looks awesome, but Diancie EX is not imo. And there's no link.


All this are just a lot of cards (a lot more). You should focus on what you think will work.



Now probably I forgot something but more or less the main supporters in every high tier deck should be:


4x N

4x Juniper/Sycamore

2 to 4x Skyla

2x Lysandre

2 to 4x Muscle Band/Silver Bangle

3 to 4x Vs Seeker

2x Shauna/Prof Birch Obs

1x Ace spec (Computer Search, Dowsing Machine or any which fits good in the deck)

2x Escape rope

2 Switch

2 to 4x UltraBall

2 to 3x Stadiums

1x Spirit link of each Mevolution



So you should use 30 to 40 spaces for trainers.

About 12 to 16 Pokémon

The rest are energies (regular+special). You will need more if each of your Pokémon runs a different energy type.


Do you did any update on your list/idea?

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Use Rainbow and Prism Energy, so you can transfer then as fairy energy using Aromatisse. Then with Mega Garde or Aegislash, this can hit a lot becaude they count as both Fairy and Metal energies. This might give you some idea:)

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