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Explosive Magma Storm Deck


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Pokemon (18)

3 x Ralts

2 x Kirlia

3 x Gallade (Powerful Storm)

3 x Team Magma's Numel

3 x Team Magma's Camerupt

2 x Miltank

1 x Camerupt-EX

1 x Victini-EX


Trainer (30)

2 x Ultra Ball

2 x Rare Candy

1 x Battle Compressor

1 x Energy Switch

2 x VS Seeker

1 x Professor's Letter

2 x Switch

1 x Startling Megaphone

1 x Team Magma's Great Ball

1 x Pokemon Center Lady

1 x Skyla

2 x Professor Juniper

1 x Colress

2 x N

1 x Lysandre

1 x Lysandre's Trump Card

2 x Blacksmith

1 x Scorched Earth

1 x Dimension Valley

1 x Hard Charm

2 x Muscle Band

1 x Victory Piece


Energy (12)

2 Double Colorless Energy

10 Fire Energy


The strategy is to build-up Gallade's Powerful Storm via Team Magma's Camerupt's Burning Draft and Victini-EX's Turbo Energize. Camerupt-EX will be the deck's back-up attacker/finisher.

I know that Camerupt-EX is the better attacker, but I want to try Gallade since it is a non-EX and not weak to water (Seismitoad-EX is popular).


Any comments/suggestions are open for further developing this deck.

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any room for sigiliph?

I know miltank's attack is great for 1 energy, but more often than not, I find if I'm using him he gets ko'd (usually by fighting types) before he really gets to do anything useful.  sigiliph may help you stall for a turn or two while you evolve, power up, or find an ultra ball for what you really want.



what I find when I try to make decks based on gallade (which I did for a recent daily challenge) is that I can never evolve him in time before it's time for him to enter the battle.

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If you're looking not to lose to Seismitoad, then play Huntail, since it's an easier Setup (No Rare candy/Double Evolution) and lower energy cost.

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Whats so great about magmas camerupt? I just don't understand the big deal about it.


Camerupt EX does 50x the amount of Fire energy you discarded off of ALL OF YOUR POKEMON. 


Team Magma's camereupt allows you to grab a fire enrgy out of the discard and attach it to it's self.


(Meaning you can hit for a constant 200 damage)

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