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Hungry Hungry Hippos


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Hey guys,


Been out of the game for over ten years, but just got back online here and there. Made a new deck which has been killing it for me, but just looking for some critiques to improve. The deck is balanced between some strong EX and anti EX pokemon. Hippowdon typically is the leading force, as most decks contain EX pokemon, once he is out and set up, he pretty much cleans house. Bouf is here for more EX support, landy is there for more support, and only one retreat cost.


Pokemon (13)

3x Hippowdon

3x Hippopotas

2x Bouffalant

2x Landorus

1x Lucario EX

1x Groudon EX

1x Kangaskan EX



3x Jupiter

2x N

2x Tierno

2x Cheren

3x Korina

2x Pokemon Centre Lady

2x Vs Seeker

2x Lysandre

2x Team Flare Grunt

3x Rocky Helmet

3x Muscle Band

1 x Rock Guard

1x Pokedex

1x Hypnotoxic laser



4x Strong Energy

3x Double Colorless

11x Fighting Energy

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Welcome back to Pokémon TCG!  :)


I can see from your list that you already have a good understanding of basic deck building. I will try to take it to the next level.

Unfortunately the deck list is missing 10 cards!

I'll still post what I would mainly change/add into the deck.


My suggested changes goes as follows:

-2 Bouffalant

-1 Landorus

-1 Groudon EX

-1 Kangaskhan EX

-2 Tierno

-2 Cheren

-3 Rocky Helmet

-1 Pokédex

-1 Hypnotoxic Laser

-1 Pokemon Center Lady

-2 Team Flare Grunt



+2 Hawlucha

+1-2 Lucario EX / Landorus EX / Mewtwo EX / Seismitoad EX / Tornadus EX DEX

+1 Juniper

+2 N

+1 VS Seeker

+3 Ultra Ball

+4 Switch and/or Escape Rope

+1 Professor's Letter

+3 Fighting Stadium

+1 Double Colorless Energy

+3 Fighting Energy

5 free spaces for more consistency/techs


This deck is very close to being standard legal so I've made changes which allows it to be played in standard.


The two main concerns I have with this deck is Energy and the lack of Switch cards.

As Hippowdon is an expensive non-EX attacker that have a 4 retreat cost running a high amount of Switch/Energy makes a lot of sense. Switch is for example very helpful to get around Poison/Sleep from Hypnotoxic Laser and to save attackers that are about to get knocked out.

While the energy in this deck can both be difficult to find and is likely to run out in a drawn-out game, especially if the opponent play Enhanced Hammer which is a popular card in the meta. 


A pretty good general rule of thumb is that you don't want multiple expensive attackers in a deck unless you have Energy Acceleration or a way to move energy around. 

Therefore good supporting attackers for Hippowdon is those who can attack for a low amount of energy. 

They can put pressure on the opponent while you build up Hippowdon on your bench.

Hawlucha from Furious Fist fits this role perfectly. While the EXs are in particular useful for putting pressure on the opponents non-EXs.


Rocky Helmet is generally a worse Muscle Band in this deck. It's much better to attack and do the 20 extra damage right away than rely on the opponent attacking into you. Fighting Stadium will both allow you to counter opponents stadiums and add more damage to your attacks.


Tierno and Cheren are quite lackluster supporters. They are only good if you already have a big hand. Which doesn't help the decks consistency as much as Juniper or N. 


Hopefully these suggestions will help you towards being even more successful. 

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I've since updated this deck, and it is nearly impossible to beat, even against the majority of meta decks.


Updated version


Pokemon (12)

3x Hippowdon

3x Hippopotas

2x Landorus

2x Lucario EX

1x Landorus EX

1x Mewtwo EX




4x Jupiter

4x N

3x Korina

2x Pokemon Centre Lady

2x Vs Seeker

2x Lysandre

3x Muscle Band

3x Silent Lab

1 x Rock Guard

2x Switch

1x Profs letter

2x Steven

2x Hypnotoxic laser


(Energy 17)


4x Strong Energy

4x Double Colorless

7x Fighting Energy


This deck is very versatile, is can combat many different types of decks. Hippo rans train on EX, silent lab shuts down 25-33% of decks. Mewtwo,landorus,lucario can run out quick and put a beating down. Strong energies and bands add 40 extra attack on a regular basis, which makes lucario and Landorus attacking for 70 first attack very regularly. Switch and Lady help Hippo not get caught in a special condition situation. The only time this deck loses is if you get stuck with a garbage hand immediately which might happen one in 20 games. Usually you have enough to work with, and set up quick. seriously this deck is a beast now

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