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Missing tokens and tickets


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Hi all,


I started playing and everything went without problems till I noticed there was a red circle with a line across it behind my tokens and my lvl was still 0. So I made sure that both the game exe and refresher.exe had permissions with my firewall and enabled administrator mode for the program just in case, but nothing changed. Thought it might be my connection so i started a random match. That went without any problems at all and I won a ticket from the prize wheel, but the ticket didn't show up either (same symbol).

Went to the shop to redeem a code, it verified, but when I claim it I get server error.

Looked around the forums for other posts, found 1 in the bug forum but it didn't list a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thx in advance.

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Hi there,


This is something that Customer Support will have to assist you with. Please click on the link in my signature to submit a support ticket.



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