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Suggestion: Longer time limits for shop item rotations + other changes.


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Devs, please rotate the featured shop items monthly or bi-weekly instead of weekly.  This will allow more time for people to obtain four copies of the item.


I wanted to get four copies of Krookodile EX, and I also want at least 4 copies of the Force of nature bundle.


Also, leave the following items in the shop permanently:  HG/SS daybreak bundle you did last month or so, and the Force of nature bundle.


Other changes besides the shop:


-add the ability to see your current levels for each energy type on the selection screen to pick the daily challenge (when lvl 3+)


-change the tournament winners prize wheel to a different prize wheel that will guarantee at least 25 tokens or a mystery box for winning your first match.  Stop punishing people for getting 3rd/4th place!


-return the daily login bonus, but change it to give one trainer token for day 1, two for day 2, and increase until a cap (most likely 10 or 20) for logging in on consecutive days.

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Hi Panda_Greg,


Thanks for your suggestions! I'll submit them to the Dev team for consideration and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.

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