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Hi, I am looking to trade the cards below!!!! I have no idea what they are worth or worthy of (Im a pokemon noob) So just let me know what you think is fair either on here or in game. My IGN is of Couse Tigerclaw44.




STAGE 1: Azurmarill

STAGE 2: BeeDrill

STAGE 2: Chandelure

BASIC: Cottonee

STAGE 1: Escalavier

STAGE 1: Gorebyss

BASIC: Kangaskhan-EX

STAGE 2: Klinglang

BASE: Lapras

BASE: Litleo

BASE: MEGA Kangaskhan-EX

Base: Noibat

STAGE 2: PolliWrath

Base: Tentacool

STAGE 1: WigglyPuff

BASE: Zecrom


I also have a TON of non-tin cards but so many I cant post them all on here. If you want to see them go add me and check out my trade list.



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