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Single most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me


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In a theme tourney -


Im set up nice, KO opponets pokemon, as soon as it hits the discard pile game says opponent is idle timer starts. He wasn't idle.


Next second it says Im idle - I wasn't. I click the x no resume option was given


oppenents idle timer hits 0, he is not defeated, I notice both our turn clocks are counting down, I have more time.


We get to 5 minutes and his idle message goes away. I try and pick a prize card. Game does not give me prize card. Cant do anything. Now I notice only my turn timer is going down.


It hits 1:00 and doesnt go any further, just stuck. After about 5 minutes it says I win. I assume he just left.


Go to tourney result screen, round time limit is at 2 min. It hits 0, nothing happens and there is still a match in progress.


Then we finally start after about 5 minutes at 0. I chose heads. game doesnt flip coin or anything, just freezes. Says Im idle again. I click resume this time. It goes away, still nothing happeneing on screen. After about a minute it says I'm defeated because I was idle.


This is blah. So mad, and Im out my tourney tickets. Furious right now. This can't happen and you need to fix this

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Hello Radom11x,

First, my sincere apologies for the issue you ran into. If you haven't already, can you please visit pokemon.com/support and enter a question (you could just cut and paste what you wrote) so that we can track the issue through our support system. We can address the lost tickets for you as well.

Thank you very much.

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