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M Latios EX Deck - The first-turn meta (help this noobie)


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Hey there fellow pokémon trainers.


I'm returning to the scene and hoped if I could get some advice. As you may already know the new set that will be coming out in may.

Contains the almighty superior pokemon: Latios.

And I hoped if I could get some advice from you guys.(cliché rhyme)

I have already made a list of how I could construct the deck. The deck will be revolving around that first turn damage. I know it's not really a good deck. But I really like Latios and sorry for the crappy grammar. 




That Latios-fan


P.S. I have not decided what other pokemon to use yet. Maybe you could also help me with that.


Mega Latios EX Deck


  1. Mega Latios EX
  2. Latios EX
  3. Muscle Band
  4. Hypnotoxic Laser
  5. Virbank City Gym
  6. Latios Spirit Link
  7. Mr. Mime
  8. Skyla
  9. Tierno/Cheren /Cedric Juniper
  10. Professor Sycamore/Professor Juniper*
  11. Pokemon Fan Club
  12. Professor Oak’s Letter/Energy Search
  13. Ultra Ball

  14. Mega Turbo

  15. Evo Soda

  16. Roller Skates

  17. Repeat Ball

  18. Double Dragon Energy

  19. Psychic Energy

  20. Water Energy

  21. Shrine of Memories 



  1. Shauna/Profesor Birch’s Obeservations
  2. Lysandre/ Pokemon Catcher
  3. Lysandre’s Trump Card
  4. Teammates
  5. Potion
  6. Switch
  7. Bianca/Bicycle
  8. Energy Retriaval
  9. Protection Cube
  10. VS Seeker
  11. Ace Spec card 1



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Like the Idea, but here is my advice:


1) Cards like Lysandre,VS Seeker and certainly your ACE-SPEC are MUST HAVES in every deck. These help to improve Board states, and consistency.


2) Skelton lists help a ton. So here's what I'll do to help some understanding for this deck:





3 Latios EX

2 M Latios EX

3 Shaymin EX

1 Jirachi EX




3 Professor Juniper

3 N

2 Lysandre

1 Lysandre's Trump Card




4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Latios Spirit Link

3 Ultra Ball

2 VS Seeker

1 Dowsing Machine




3 Virbank City Gym




5 Psychic

4 Water

4 Double Dragon




^Skelton lists are the bare minimum of the deck, so that's why theres so much free space. Some things to consider:


A crobat line


Extra damage can be nice, especially when the point of your deck is bench damage. These can be nice to use to finish off an EX.



Mewtwo EX


X Ball is powerful, and it can really lock an opponent from allends. If you're hitting them from the bench and not even the acive is safe, that's not fun to play.


Wide Angle


Anyone else remember the beast known as Black Kyurem EX? Now you're OHKOing it. Unfortunately, it's not seeing much play, but it can still be pretty clutch.


More attackers


Gengar, Sigilyph, Seismitoad, all can be very nice, just include some DCE and start attacking


Double Colorless Energy


Look above. Explains this section pretty well.



Tool Retrevial


Looking to swap out those spirit links? Thus helps you do so, just replace a link, slap an Muscle Band on Latios , and now you can wreck havoc on your opponent :)


Muscle Band


I decided not to include it, because you're hitting the bench most of the time, and Muscle Band doesn't boost bench damage. However if you wanted to add in more attackers, this would help tremendously.


All in all, this seems like a cool idea. I'll have fun with playtesting. If you have any questions, please, just ask!

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use the plasma latios while it's still in rather than the new one. Run celebi so that if you need it you can use the 150 damage attack ad then rebuil M latios in one turn with mega turbo plus the double dragon energy. you should also run 2 or so target whilstles so you can snipe jirachi's and shaymins multiple times. I would also recommend the crobat sets and to take out the laser bank and focus more on the crobats, they can do so much damage. the deck runs really good :)

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Maybe if you are using Shaymin EX you could afford to put in a copy of two of Wally (I am determined to make use of that card, though I am finding it kind of stinks, there's no point in running it in fighting decks at least, Korrina is blatantly better, maybe in a deck that uses more 'poke' balls (ultra, dive and so on) it might be more useful, but I digress).  This might be a terrible idea, but what about evolving Golbat first turn to get a little more damage?  40 + muscle band + Wally Golbat + Laserbank, you'd never get all the cards to do that.  Latios EX, Energy, Muscle Band, Zubat, Wally, Hypnotoxic Laser, Virbank

.Ultimate first turn 7 card combo: 40+20+30+30 = 120 damage

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