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Loading trannier online


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I keep telling Pokemon tech group or whoever needs to be told. Pokemon online loads to 95 and doesn't go to 100%. Online game goes to 95 and game shop to play and sits there. I have use all Broswers nothing. I have two different computers also. Someting has changed. If anyone gers game to work I like to know what does work and how.


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Hello jimbennett!




Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble! I'm glad to hear that you've submitted a ticket through our support portal... our team should be able to get you to on the right track. In the meantime you might want to try the clearing your browser cache and reinstalling your Flash player. If you've already tried those things then your issue might need a little bit more investigation, which can take some extra time. We appreciate your patience while we work to figure it out!










Mod Squad



"My life for Aiur!"


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