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Official Feedback Thread: Tournament Rotation


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Great changes.  Not only will this benefit new players, but it will mean everyone needn't wait so long for their preferred tournament format to come back into rotation.


I do wonder though if this means that the shop update which was mentioned last week is not coming?

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Look for a new bundle in the shop tomorrow!


No, there is no April foolery planned - it really will be there :)

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Hi!, My name is Joaquín, and first of all I wanna say that I love the game and is great how you're progressing.


I just want to tell you guys something that I feel or think, and want or wish about tournaments.

I think that you're thinking small. And not to be hurtfull but to make the game even better.

I ain't see the point in rotation. What I mean about thinking small is this; I explain myself by examples.

I think you should see them more like pokerstars for example.

For begginers make Theme deck tournaments something like 49tokens entry Tickets win. Tickets entry 2 Booster win for first 1 For second place.

Then add Standard 49token entry tiket win And Ticket entry 3 Booster win first place 2 Booster second place for intermediate players. You can even make Standar something like 75 Token entry. 5 Ticket entry.

Then for advanced players make Expanded something like 7 Ticket entry 5 Booster first place 3 booster second place 1 booster 3-4 place. Without making expanded token entry ticket prize. And even can make this ones with one more step. No 8 players but 16, so is more difficult and a more risk choice to participate.

And for experts players make a 16 player  unlimited tournament something like 10 ticket + 1 lets say primal clash booster entry. And make it something like first place wins 8 booster + 10 ticket. Second place 4 boosters + 5 tickets. 3-4 places 2 booster + 2 ticket. So they got big prize, big risk.

Everything without rotation. Those tournament every day week and weekend constantly. So we as users/players got more options at playing time; more choices to make about how and what to do with tickets. And even it creates something like a stair of getting from new user playing theme decks, up to being advance/expert player playing for big booster prize. Cause you go by winning 2 booster to 3 to 5 to 8 (first places). So you can choose of open/trade and step by step making the deck you want or the one you can and upgrading it.

And in weekends make something like special tournaments of 32 player (I would make them Standard only cause in unlimited/expanded you got for example Ability of making 1 psychic energy worth 2 and stuff like those); But make them 32 players standard. Lets say 3 primal clash booster + 15 ticket entry and maybe even 1 golden cup of any tournament so players had to win at least one tournement to play in this one. And make them something like First place 33 boosters - 2 place 23 boosters - 3 place 16 boosters - 4 place 12 boosters (making 3 - 4 place match too) and 5/6 places 6 boosters.

And even, I don't know how many users are online simultaneously but making this Weekend Special tournament like 1 per hour or 2/3 hours or even maybe lets say 1 at 9 am next one at 12 pm next one at 4 pm next one at 8 pm other at 10 pm and other at 12 am - 3 am -6 am -9 am again. Something like that...


So there are really special tournaments. Maybe adding something like 5 first place cups of this tournaments be tradeable for some special coin or deck box or avatar item too.


And last of all giving in each tournament that is played. Real info about players in it. Something like, Nickname, maybe some deck info like energy type that uses or something like that.


Making all of this, you give us as users/players a lot of objectives to achive. Like you can run tickets and boosters to play weekend special's. Or runing standar/expanded to make the deck you want so you can play unlimited.

You dont' make new users spend 3 tickets that hardly get and with a almost theme deck play against a lets say seismitoad-ex standard deck.

Even tournament golden cups gets some kind of point (maybe they already have but i don't know it)

But the most special thing is that we get a lot of options for play with and for different goals. And we get more ambitious (without malice), cause we can if we want, get from one goal that we wanna achive to other one a little more hard to get and then other, etc.


Well, this is the idea that I have about tournaments I would love to see something like that come true.

Thanks for the time that took you read. And I'll be for sure cheking for a reply.

Have a nice one!

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