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Haves / Wants - Looking For Fair Trades to Finish a Deck


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I'm trying to complete a Gengar deck.  There are two trades that I feel would be quite even listed at top, and then some various cards I have as well as some I want, which I didn't attempt to sort into specific trade ideas.


Thanks for looking.


Looking to Trade:

2x Manectric EX for 1x Gengar EX (FA)

1x Manectric EX (FA) for 1x Gengar EX (FA)

Besides those specific trades:


2x Aegislash EX

1x Aggron EX

1x Archie's Ace in the Hole (FA)

2x Dialga EX

1x Florges EX (FA)

1x Kangaskhan EX

1x Lugia EX

3x Malamar EX

1x Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick (FA)

1x Lysandre's Trump Card (FA)

1x Trevenant EX

1x Virizion EX (FA)

Various uncommons / rares / foils that I can't list, but I could add to make things more even or to trade for some of my lower value wants (e.g. Musclebands).


2x Lysandre (FA)

2x Mewtwo EX - any version with X-Ball and Psydrive

2x Muscleband

1x Sigilyph - any version with Safeguard and Psychic

1x Skyla (FA)

1x Xerosic (FA)

1x Zekrom (Gold) - The holo from Legendary Treasures

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