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Game-breaking Issues since Patch Version 2.27


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Dear Pokemon Trading Card Game Online & Moderators,

Please explain and fix the game-breaking errors as follow :-

1) Please show and indicate the percentage of how much has been downloaded after
we click the Download All Cards option.

2) Please indicate exactly how much(GB?)data is needed to fully download all cards.

*3*) The game has downloaded and used up abnormally massive amount of
internet data up to 10GB(GigaBytes)!!!, which is literally using up most of my
internet quota. How am I going to play if all my internet quota is used up? In which
case, this problem has not occured before since the launch of PTCGO.
Never have I encountered a problem such as this until this particular patch. I don't
understand why does the game use up such ridiculous amount of data now when it
does not do so previously. I'm happy to say I did not have much problems with
PTCGO until now. Please fix this immediately.

*4*) The game has continued to download and use up more internet data each
time I log in to play the game, up to amounts of 1GB or more by count. I do not
understand how the game has not finished downloading all the files it need even
after using up more than 10GB of data. Even now, the game is continuing to
download files and yet there still is quite an amount of cards which display
placeholder texts instead of fully loaded images.

*5*) The game play is being interrupted terribly with constant lags because it
continues to constantly download files even after I had switch on PTCGO a number
of times since the patch till now. What exactly is it downloading? Shouldn't the
game already finished the Download All Cards process by now? Trading is taking
some time to work because of the constant downloading. Matches, especially
Versus Mode lags for almost every move I make because of the constant
download in the background. Many players are already complaining about the lag
since the patch. Please make this constant downloading go away immediately.
My internet fees is hiking and I thought it's just a one time off full download, yet it
used up ridiculously more than 10GB and is still downloading huge amount of files
everytime I play and cause the game to lag....Seriously... Please fix the game now,
or else many players will be forced to quit due to this game-breaking problem. I've
always been a fan of Pokemon and I had much fun playing Pokemon, please solve this problem before it gets worse. This is the most serious problem I encounter in PTCGO since it's launch.


I have to say the Download All Cards idea was initially a nice idea, until this problem occur when the said idea is being carried out.


I'll also be expecting a nice reply from the person in-charge.


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Oh my god , atleast i did find a player with the same problemthat i am facing . I have lost atleast 4 gb of ineternet data just only in downloading card images and i just only found my cache data to be 1 GB and that is ridiculous . i dont know what is happening to this game . I think dev team dont check their updates they are making before they dispatch them to us.

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.... I rather wait a long time for a semi functional product to be introduce vs the already used-up time for the current beta/client testing with a broken products that continually being broken further every "update?" patch. 


TEST YOUR OWN PRODUCT !!!   <_< . we're tired of testing it for you  :P


Im glad that devs. are continually trying to introduce new things... but can you perfect something first before moving on to other thing (there like a list of them now im sure) Start going down that list and halt your new "innovation". We (I) just want to play and trade without breaking my computer to do so (literally and gigabyte "ly" speaking).


Much love :)



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Hey there!


I'll submit your concerns to the Dev team for investigation. Sorry to hear of your troubles! We appreciate your patience and continued support, as well as your input. :)

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TEST YOUR OWN PRODUCT !!!   <_< . we're tired of testing it for you  :P


Yes, some of the bugs leave you wondering how the heck it managed to get past their internal testing teams.  I understand sometimes there are bugs that only manifest in large scale testing (and thus involving actual players), but still.

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