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Building a deck around Gengar & Crobat


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Okay so as the title states I am building a deck around Gengar & Crobat.


So far this is what it looks like -






3 Bellsprout


2 Weepingbell


2 Victreebell


1 Shaymin


3 Gastly


2 Haunter


2 Gengar - prime


3 Grimer


2 Muk


1 Jarachi


1 Mime Jr


3 Zubat


2 Golbat


2 Crobat - prime






1 dual ball


2 moomoo milk


1 black belt


1 twins


2 professor Elm's training method


1 professor Oak's new theory


1 team rocket's trickery


1 interviewer's question


1 lost world






9 grass


9 psychic


1 double colorless


1 rescue energy






Any tips or suggestions as to how I can make this deck better? It is actually really fun to play with as it is & it took me a lot of trading to get these cards. I am just wondering what I could do to improve it a little?












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What you should do:


+1 Lost World (if you only have 1 it might be prized)


+2 Smeargle (you don't have enough supporters, smeargle can use one of your opponent's)


+1 Jirachi (it's useful with crobat, but 1 isn't enough)


+2 IQ (with the energy i'll be taking out you'll need these)


+1 PONT (you get 2 from the trainer challenge decks)


Take away:


-3 grass energy (your pokemon have low attack costs)


-2 psychic energy


-1 DCE (only jirachi and muk use this)


-1 Shaymin (not really useful in this deck)


DCE and Shaymin are worth a lot, you should be able to trade them for the new cards.


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