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Price drop on 2 Full Art Professor Juniper, 2 Full Art Landorus-EX - ALL Traded away!


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As the title states, I've got 2 Full Art Professor Junipers for trade.


I would like EPO, LT, XY, FLF, FUF, PHF packs in ANY combination which adds up to a TOTAL pack SUM of 54 for each Full Art Professor Juniper. I'm well aware of the fact that FUF and PHF packs are valued slightly higher than the other mentioned packs but in trade to me for my Full Art Professor Junipers they are equal in value to the others.


Post your interest here or send me an offer in-game if interested :)


This trade offer is no longer available. Mods please close this thread :)

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I'm also putting up for trade my spare Full Art N and Full Art Landorus-EX

Just like with my above post I'm looking for any combination of EPO/LT/XY/FLF/FUF/PHF packs to a total sum of:

Full Art N: 130

Full Art Landorus-EX: 60


Some examples: I would trade Full Art N for (130 x FLF) Packs.

Or I would accept (20 x EPO) + (20 x LT) + (20 x XY) + (20 x FLF) + (20 x FUF) + (30 x PHF) = 130 Packs in total.

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Price drop for faster sale.

As of right now:

Full Art Juniper - 50 packs sum each

Full Art Landorus-EX - 54 packs sum each

Full Art N - 120 packs sum each


I have 2 of each up for grabs and will only accept the packs mentioned in my previous posts

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Price drop yet again!


Full Art Juniper: 45 packs - SOLD!

Full Art Landorus-EX: 50 packs - SOLD!

Full Art N: 115 packs - SOLD!

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