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[Suggestion] - Implementing Folders For Grouping The Decks


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To The Support Team:


As many users - including me - are suggestion this feature, i wanted to create a new thread for it while suggesting an easy way to implement it - (As being a game developer myself).




Many players like to organize their decks into certain groups to find them when needed. At this point in time, the only way to group something is by listing it as favourite.


An Easy Way To Implement It:


It would be nice if you can create for us a fixed number of folders that can't be increased or decreased. One folder per type would be more than enough to handle hundreds of decks. One folder for Grass, One folder for Fire decks, and so forth. Another way would be to allow them to create a specific number of folders without restricting them in terms of names or types. Players can choose in which folder they want to fit their already built decks.


What are the benefits of this feature?


1. It motivates players to create more than one deck as they would see some empty folders in their game.


2. It motivates players to collect more cards, trade and build more innovative decks to fill those empty fixed folders they have. 


3. It helps experienced players to organize their decks, build upon them and innovate in new ways.


Thanks for reading my suggestion! 


If other players are reading this post, please add your comment below and state your opinion.


Best Regards~

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