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Hello to everyone reading this . I am tarif15 . as some of you know , this update fixed a lot of bugs and made a lot of new ones as well . i am making 2 separate threads for my feedback and problems i faced . here are the technical problems currently bugging players and i am facing now ::::

1. CARDS NOT LOADING PROBLEM ::: this is a pretty common issue . thought the update gave us achoice to download the card data but it doesn't show any progress bar or something like that . so we dont know when the cards will be finished loading . and also , i dont know where the cards are storing either . but still a smart move my the developers . if they give us a progress bar in the CARD CAHE options , it would be great . MY CARDS STILL HAVEN'T LOADED YET SINCE THE UPDATE :( . so please fix it .

2. LOADING ASSETS PROBLEM ::: i dont know why but whenever i start my game , it stucks in 92% at the LOADING ASSETS bar . and i had to wait about 3-5 minutes every time i went into the game :( thats not something to be happy with :( it wasted like 1 hour or so from my life :( please fix this .

3. CHAT LAG PROBLEM ::: my internet is clearly OK . but still , the ingame chat lags . my messages are being posted like 10-15 seconds late . and i post 2 or 3 times cause of this with no results . but suddenly the messages are posted 2-3 times as well and creats spamming . the private chatting is also affected by it . its getting really annoying in chatting with people and greatly hampers private trading . so again - please fix this .

4. CARDS GOT LOCKED FROM PUBLIC TRADE ::: i dont know if its only happening to me or not , but i posted about this problem 2 times opening 2 topics in REPORT A GAME BUG page . 1 of my pub trades for 48 hours wasn't posted and it didn't take the 3 tokens necessary , but the cards got locked . AND IT HAS BEEN A MONTH SINCE THEN AND MY CARDS ARE NOT YET UNLOCKED . please fix this . those cards are really valuable in game . i need them unlocked so i can trade them .

5. THE GAME GOT SLOWER ::: since the update , my game went slow . it was really slow at the beginning but gradually got fast but not like before . it still lags . i chose the FASTEST option from settings as well . it still lagged . so i changed resolution and it still lagged . and now the graphics got worse as well , which leads to the following problem . (please fix it as well)

6. I CANT SEE THE 2nd RESOLUTION OPTION (personal probably) ::: after i changed the resolution from 1389 x 768 (or something like that) to 1260 x 680 (the lower one to be exact , i forgot) the game's graphics looked worse . so i wanted to change it back . but i was shocked that it didn't show the HIGHER resolution their in the setting and only showed the LOWER one :o . please fix this . i want to play the game in the higher resolution .

7. AVATAR NOT LOADING ::: the name says it . my avatar is not loading either .

so these were basically my problems . i will update the thread with the recent bugs and issues that i and the rest of ptcgo faces . please fix them moderators/developers . THANKS FOR READING :)

Thread with the feedback on the UPDATE ::: not yet posted

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Your grammar is exceptional.


I also wanted to add that this update seemed to bring increased instability for the iPad application. i understand there is not a lot of support for the iPad app, but it desperately needs attention.

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