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Well, I'm known as a spriter at a few other places, so I decided to post up some of my work here. People are more than welcome to request me to make them something and such. I'll just say one thing to those who request - Be patient. I work for a few websites and have other things to do, so I can be a bit slow. (Plus, TCGO is swallowing more time than I should be allowing it to.)




Note: I am also known as Neko, Nekomata, Nekomata-chan, or Petuniabubbles at other sites.




A few examples of my work...




(To request recolors, please choose a palette from this sheet linked below or describe what you want.


i76.photobucket.com/albums/j23/WWWpeoples/Work%20Sheets/WSv13-P.png )










Recolors (And 'Advanced' Recolors)










Animations/Lick Icons


Okami.gif" alt="




Cosplays/Trainer Sprites






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Lick icons take a while, but I'll make it when I get requests from another site done. (Lick Icons are time consuming AND popular... so I often get a good deal of these at one time.)




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