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LF a Few Trainer Cards


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Hey guys! I'm new to Pokemon Online and was hoping I could find some people to trade me for some Trainer cards I need for my Deck. Here's the list of cards I need:


4 X Skyla

1 x Shadow Triad

3 x Skyarrow Bridge

2 x Muscle Band

1 x Super Rod

3 x Colress Machine

2 x Proffesor Sycamore




I need maybe 1 x Mewtwo-Ex (doesn't matter which set he's from)


I have some cards for trade:




Trevenant-Ex (Full Art)

2 x Repeat Ball


I also have Plasma Blast Packs for trade as well. Let me know if you guys are interested in trading, thanks! =)


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Hi , i think i have most of your wants which i can trade  for PB Packs, i might send you offer shortly. :)


EDIT: Nothing was tagged in your binder so i couldnt send offer so can you send me an offer?

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Hey Chinmay! I tried sending you a PM but it wouldn't let me, would you mind sending me one, and we can talk about making a trade? Thanks!

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