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2.27 Patch Notes | March 25, 2015


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Version 2.27
March 3, 2015


  • New Daily Challenge system!
  • New Player Level system!
  • Pokémon TCG: Double Crisis!


  • Added Double Crisis, a 34-card mini expansion.
  • Added gameplay text to the placeholder image that displays when a card is loading.
  • Remastered background music and sound effects.
  • Added option to download all available card images to the device.
  • Added option to delete all card images from the device.


  • Added Daily Challenge and Player Level features.
  • New Daily Challenges are available on login each day and offer rewards for completion.
  • Increase Player Level by completing Daily Challenges to unlock additional rewards.
  • Active Daily Challenges and Player Level progress can be viewed in the Profile tab.
  • Removed Achievements feature.
  • Removed Login Bonus feature.
  • Removed bonus Trainer Token reward for completing the first Ranked or Tournament match each day.


  • Code cards found in physical Pokémon TCG: Double Crisis blister packs can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock 4 Double Crisis 7-card booster packs and a coin featuring either the Team Magma or Team Aqua logo.
  • The cursor now defaults back to the code entry field after clicking the Submit button when redeeming a code.


  • Reduced animation length when opening multiple booster packs consecutively.
  • Trade tags can now be applied to cards during the booster pack opening animation.
  • Fixed bug that prevented cards from displaying properly when two cards of rare or higher rarity are present during the opening animation.


  • Removed Practice setting from Random Battle mode.
  • Improved presentation of the game log during a match.
  • Added game log export feature to Match Results window. The exported game log is copied to the device's clipboard and can be pasted into a separate text editing program to save for later reference or bug reporting.
  • Replaced Tournament Tickets with Trainer Tokens on Bonus Wheel and in Mystery Box. Tournament Tickets are still available on the Victor's Bonus Wheel and in the Victor's Mystery Box. 


  • Tournament Queues list now displays more relevant information.


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