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Resolution problem.


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Im having a resolution problem. It seems that the resolution is locked at 1280x720 and it doesn't show me any other resolution option.

Client version:

Running on an acer aspire 5750

4gb ram

Intel i3-2310M

Intel HD3000 Integrated Graphics

Windows 7 64bit

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Pushing this old thread as I am also experiencing the same situation. Had problems reading some of the cards, so I went to increase the resolution, and I am only offered 1280x720, with no other options.


Dell Inspiron

4 gb RAM

Intel Integrated Card

Windows 7, 32-bit

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Hello Trainers!

Just to confirm, are you attempting to change the resolution by opening your Options panel (the two gears symbol), accessing the Video tab, and clicking the drop-down menu next to "Screen Resolution"? Is the Windowed check box checked? (Please try checking or un-checking and trying again.)


If you're attempting to change your resolution in any other way, please let us know.


Thanks for your patience!

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Yes, that is the exact way I am trying to change the resolution. There is a drop down box, but it only offers the one resolution. This happens whether I am in windowed mode, or full screen.

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the game only supports 720 & 1080 resolutions. Dont know why they decided to do so, but they did.

Where do you get this information from?

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