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Spring Breeze (Rogue deck)


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States is approaching faster than ever!

I might be taking a ticket on the mindless hype train, but here's what I'm seeing is being promoted as the BDIF:


1. Yveltal/Seismitoad/Garb

2. Landorus/Bats

3. Flareon


With this in mind, its reasonable to be seeing a LOT of these at states. Normally I'd take my M Gardevoir deck there because of its sheer power, but I'm feeling a bit more risky




So I looked toward Tropius, Plasma Blast

(Insert picture here)



Okay, you might be thinking "What are you trying to accomplish here?" at the moment, but hold on.

Whats important about this card is that its a fairly consistent **grass type**. 

With grass types, Virgen usually gets the fame, but what is the most important here is the **electric type weakness**.


 Manectric is dying down quite a bit, at least in my meta, so this card doesn't have many immediate weaknesses. 


Combine that with the fact that you get a free draw every attack, it becomes fairly good.


Add on the fact that it can KO a seismitoad w/ Bangle, it becomes a viable tech to the current meta.


I'm trying mainly here to design a rogue deck which will hold a solid matchup against those main 3 decks, and no solid weaknesses against them


Here's a sample list so far:


       1 Shaymin EX ND 94

    4 Tropius PB 5

    2 Dragonite EX FI 108

    1 Thundurus FI 33

    1 Surskit PC 13

    1 Masquerain PB 2

    2 Manectric EX PF 23

    1 Mega Manectric EX PF 120

    1 Virizion EX PB 9

    14 cards



    3 Professor Juniper

    4 N

    4 VS Seeker

    2 Exp Share

    3 Muscle Band

    2 Jamming Net

    4 Ultra Ball

    1 Professor's Letter

    1 Scoop Up Cyclone

    2 Switch

    1 Lysandre

    1 Lysandre's Trump Card

    2 Silver Bangle

    3 Battle Compressor

    1 Xerosic

    1 Manectric Spirit Link

    1 Professor Birch's Observations

    1 Cassius

    37 cards



    6 Grass Energy

    3 Lightning Energy


Let me do a bit of explaining before I get a lot of complaining:


**EXP share**

An often overlooked card that allows a deck to keep going. It allows you to keep energy going to use revenge blast, dragonite EX, and especially Thundurus against Yveltal


Allows you to switch your EXP shares for silver bangle, and can also remove any flare gear. 


Tech card against Yveltal. It works a lot with jamming net and silver bangle


A decent tech card, makes seismitoad matchup a bit better

**Dragonite EX**

While saving all energy, being electric and grass, this card calls out with synergy. Main concern here is to KO a flareon, and still possibly take a hit mid game.


Any suggestions are appreciated. :smile:

**Updated the list**

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