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Tradeable boosters with locked boosters.


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I recently bought three Primal Clash boosters from the shop, and they got jumbled with other tradeable boosters I had and didn't want to open because I though that maybe I'd wait and trade them for something better.


Thing is: As they appear jumbled, I thought that if I offer those boosters in an offer no one would accept, maybe I could open those three boosters in peace. But now they appears as locked, and even if I offered all 10 boosters, I can not open the other three because "they have been offered in a trade"


Is there a way to open those without opening the other tradeable boosters?

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Hi Mintin,


The issue with being unable to open booster packs if you have any of that kind in a trade should now be resolved. As Gadovich stated, your locked booster packs should open first. :)


Thanks for your report! I'll be closing this thread now. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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