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No superior Energy Retrieval Kyurem EX deck


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1 x Black Kyurem EX


2 x Kyurem EX


1 x Keldeo EX


2 x Manectric EX


2 x M Manectric EX


3 x Squirtle


1 x Wartortle


3 x Blastoise


15 Pokes


4 x N


4 x Sycamore


3 x Skyla


1 x Lysandre


2 x Lysandre's Trump Card


14 Supporters


3 x Professor's Letter


2 x Energy Retrieval


2 x VS Seeker


4 x Dive Ball


3 x Ultra Ball


3 x Rare Candy


1 x Float Stone


2 x Manectric Spirit Link


1 x Escape Rope


1 x Scramble Switch


22 Items


6 x Water


3 x Electric


9 Energy


Think it would work? Or do I need more ways of switching out depleted Kyurems to the bench for M Manectric to work it's magic?

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