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Have Alot Of Exs LF Wants


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4x Sismitoad Ex FA

4x Sismitoad Ex RA

1x Sharpeado Ex FA

2x M Aggron Ex FA

2x Tevenent Ex FA

4x Ho-Oh Ex RA

1x Lucario Ex RA

4x Genesect Ex FA

4x Lugia Ex FA

4x Deoxys EX FA

3x Gengar Ex FA

4x Skyla FA

4x N FA

1x Mewtwo FA

4x Juniper FA

2x Enhance Hammer SR

4x Dive Ball SR

4x Switch SR

2x Celebi Ex RA

3x Groudon Ex FA (Primal Clash)

4x Primal Groudon Ex FA

4x Kyoger FA (Primal Clash)

2x Primal Kyoger Ex FA

1x Kaldeo Ex FA

3x Gengar Ex FA

4x Gardivor EX FA

4x M Gardivor Ex FA

3x Wailord FA

4x Thunderus FA

1x Cobalion Ex RA

4x Lysandere FA

Dont Have Any Of My Wants Send A Offer Anyways On Pokemon TCGO


Haves Primal Clash

2x Packs

4x Aggron Ex

2x M Aggron Ex

8x Camarupt Ex 1 FA 7 RA

26x Gardivor Ex RA

30x M Gardivor Ex RA

6x Kyoger Ex RA

9x Primal Kyoger RA

2x Groudon RA

1x Primal Groudon RA

12x Wailord RA 9x Trevent RA

15x Sharpedo RA


Phantom Forces

10x Ageslash Ex RA

12x Dialga Ex RA

10x Florges Ex 1FA 9RA

1x Mega Gengar Ex

2x Manetric EX 1 FA 1 RA


Flash Fire

1x Charazard Ex RA *Combustion Blast*

1x M Charzard Ex RA Fire

1x M Charazrd Ex RA Dragon

1x Kangaskan Ex RA

2x Magnazone Ex 1 RA

1 FA 2x Toxicroke RA


Furious Fist

2x Heracross EX RA

3x M Heracross Ex RA



1x Emolga Ex FA

2x Blastoise Ex RA

4x Venasure 3 RA 1 FA

1x M Venasure RA

2x Xernius Ex 1 RA 1 FA


Legendary Tresures

2x Lugia Ex RA

2x Victini Ex RA

1x Black Kyurem RA

1x Kyurem RA

9x Meloeta 6 RA 3 FA

2x Reshiram Ex RA

5x Shaymin Ex FA


Plasma Blast

3x Genesect Ex

4x Jirachi Ex

1x Kyruem Ex


Plasma Feeze

3x Latias RA

2x Latios 1 FA 1 RA

2x Thunderus RA

3x Tornadous RA


Plasma Storm

1x Zapdos Ex RA

1x Moltres Ex RA


Bounderys Cross

1x Cresselia Ex RA

5x White Kyurem Ex RA

2x Black Kyurem Ex RA



2x Black Kyurem EX RA

4x Darkrai EX RA

5x Mewtwo Ex RA

1x Deoxys Ex RA

1x Galade Ex RA

3x Venasure Ex RA

2x Blastoise Ex RA

1x Lugia Ex RA

1x Krokadile Ex RA

2x Garchomp Ex RA

7x Xernius Ex RA

6x Yveltal Ex RA


FA Trainers

2x Bianca

1x Korina

1x Xerosic

1x Professor Center Lady

3x Maxie Hidden Ball Trick

1x Archies Ace In A Hole

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just picked up my fa mega aggrons do you have anything else ? i take any decent exs tbh if you can make a list or pm me while im online in the game we can work something out

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