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LF & FT league cards


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Hi. I have some league cards and I want to trade them for other league cards. I'm looking for equal trades (not like "10 cards for 1 card"). Feel free to send me offer in game.



League cards which I have to trade:

  • Emolga x1
  • Flygon x3
  • Lillipup x1
  • Sandslash x1
  • Swadloon x1
  • Swanna x1
  • Venipede x1
  • Wailord x1

  • Full Heal x1

  • BW dark energy (foil) x3
  • BW fighting energy (foil) x3
  • BW fire energy (foil) x3
  • BW grass energy (foil) x2
  • BW lighting energy (foil) x4
  • BW steel energy (foil) x2
  • BW psychic energy (foil) x2
  • BW water energy (foil) x2

  • Foil fighting energy from Groudon Tin x5
  • Foil water energy from Kyogre Tin x5

League cards which I'm looking for:

  • Pawniard x1
  • Bisharp x1
  • Darumaka x1
  • Darmanitan x1
  • Voltorb x1
  • Electrode x1
  • Magicarp x1
  • Gyarados x1
  • Snubbull x1
  • Granbull x1
  • Poochyena x1
  • Mightyena x1

  • Bianka x1
  • Crushing Hammer x1
  • Enhanced Hammer x1
  • Escape Rope x1
  • Magnetic Storm x1
  • Muscle Band x1
  • N DEX x1
  • Pokemon Catcher x1
  • Professor Letter x1
  • Skyla BC x1
  • Tierno x1

  • XY fighting energy (non-foil) x1
  • XY lighting energy (non-foil) x1
  • Steel energy without set sign (foil) x1
  • BW water energy (2nd foil) x1
  • XY rainbow energy x1

Also I'm looking for Rustboro League Bundle Pack and Dewford League Bundle Pack - I offer 2 BC for any of them (or full content of them).

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Hello Helshi,


I will select the following three Pokémon for a trade:

Lillipup, Venipede and Swadloon for the wanted Poochyena, Darumaka and Darmanitan.


Additional to that your marked water energy I will trade you for the one fire energy.

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