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Gen 1 Pokemon Standard Deck - Dragonite-EX/Charizard-EX - Need Help


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So, I'm a pretty new player, although got a few lucky pulls and managed to get myself some decent cards. either way, still very new and need help here :)


Pokemon is always about nostalgia for me, so I've decided to only use the original 151 pokemon in my deck (obviously using updated, standard versions of the cards).


My deck at the minute consists of:


Dragonite-EX x4 Charizard-Ex (stoke) x4 Mewtwo-Ex (x2) Pikachu (x2) Raichu (CC) x2


7 grass energy 5 electric 2 double colourless


Trainers include AZ x 4 Skyla x 3 Lysandre x 3 Energy Revival Trick Coin x2 Muscle Band x2 Vs Seeker x1 Scoop up Cyclone Professors Letter x2 Hard Charm x2 Startlng Megaphone x2 N x 3


NOTE Server is currently offline so not sure if these are exact numbers on the trainer front, but very close at least.


My strategy is one similar to the Dragonite/Virizion deck, only subbing Charizard-EX for Virizion.


Use Charizard as a starter, equip Trick Coin (use Skyla to find one if needed), use stoke, and setup Dragonite to bust in.


Mewtwo generally stays on the bench for cover, Raichu (I haven't actually used him yet) there as a Pyroar counter.


Anyway, I need help here. I want to make this competitive.


A) What trainers do I need/am I missing? What might be useful here?


B) Other than Raichu, are there any other original 151 pokemon I should consider for a Pyroar/suicune counter? I'd used a Jolteon/Vaporeon setup for a bit - to mixed results.


Any and all feedback is welcome- and thanks in advance!

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-1 MewTwo-ex

-1 Charizard-ex

-2 AZ

-1 Professors Letter

-1 Lysandre

-2 Hard Charm

-1 Skyla


+1 Sycamore

+1 N

+2 Vs Seeker

+1 Super Scoop Up

+2 Ultra Ball(very important)

+1 ace spec Scoop Up Cyclone/Computer Search/Dowsing Machine

+1 Switch


And that's all I can tell atm. I may try it and post my version of this deck soon.

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