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Help with my fairly unstructured electric-water deck.


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Ok, this deck isn't following any of the deck trends. However, I would like this to be my main, reliable deck for tournaments. It seems a little bit random, so I would like some help making it work better. So far, I have 38 wins out of 79 plays.

Pokemon: 14 total

1x Black Kyurem EX

2x Eevee (energy evolution)

1x Jolteon (Team Plasma)

1x Vaporeon (Muddy Water)

1x Emolga

1x Mew EX

1x Zapdos

1x Shinx

1x Luxio (Electri-Counter)

1x Greninja EX

1x Emolga EX

1x Mane-Ectric (Why was it censored?)

1x Mega Mane-Ectric

Trainers: 26

1x Hypnotoxic Laser

1x Robo Substitute

2x Dive Ball

1x Evosoda

1x Escape Rope

2x Professors Letter

1x Energy Retrieval

2x Skyla

2x Pokemon Center Lady

1x Colress

1x N

1x Elesa

1x Lysandre

1x Pokemon Fan Club

3x Rough Seas

1x Muscle Band

1x Silver Bangle

1x Crystal Wall

1x Hard Charm

1x Manectric Spirit Link

Energy: 20

8x Water Energy

8x Electric Energy

2x Rainbow Energy

2x DCE


This deck is made to adapt to most situations. Black Kyurem is a powerful attacker, and a great way to bide time if he has a crystal wall equipped. Jolteon is a great anti-EX pokemon. Emolga and the Pokemon Fan club are to quickly put powerful pokemon onto the bench. Zapdos, Greninja, Vaporeon, and sometimes Manectric are all bench-snipers, and Emolga EX is very agile, with no retreat cost, and an average attack. Luxio, Jolteon, Mega Manectric, and Vapereon are my anti pyroar/suicine/sigilyph squad, and luxio can have an extremely powerful attack if I am behind on prize cards. Mega Manectric and Manectric are awesome low-cost attackers, and a great team with Mew. So, what can I change about this deck? I seem to get really bad starting setups, and lose within the first few turns.

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Well, seeing as how you already noticed the problem in your deck... I'll go straight to the point. It is awful, with zero focus and lacking in a solid strategy.


To sum it up, it is bloody inconsistent. If you take a look at all the decent decks out there, you would find that most do not focus on a type, but rather on specific Pokemon carrying out a specific strategy. That's why we have Virizion Genesect instead of Grass, Medicham, Landorus, Primal Groudon and Donphan instead of Fighting, Keldeo/Blastoise, Primal Kyogre and Huntail instead of Water. You get the idea.


There are two major rules to improving consistency. First of all, you need draw supporters. These are cards like, in descending order of how good they are, N, Juniper/Sycamore, Colress, Birch, Shauna, Cheren/Tierno. They are very important because they improve the speed at which you can access your deck. Most decks will run a minimum of 10, with the first two in the list usually maxed out.


The second reason your deck is not consistent is because it is trying to do too many things. There isn't a general rule on how many different Pokemon you may run, but most decks go with 3-6 Pokemon lines, with the more important Pokemon usually played in large quantities. This is important because it ensures that you will always get the Pokemon you need to carry out your strategy.


You also run too many energy cards, and not enough Trainers. Most decks go with 8-14 energies, with some going even further by having 4-8 or even taking it out entirely. Trainers are important because unlike energy (1 per turn) or Pokemon (Max of 6 on the field), Trainers have less limitations in their use, while allowing your deck to carry out it's strategy even more consistently and effectively. For starters, a lot of decks run 2-4 Ultra Balls for the guaranteed search, and Professor's letter to get out energy instead of relying on your draws.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice. Here are the changes I made:

-1 Black Kyurem EX

+2 professor's letter

+3 N

+2 Juniper

+1 Rock Guard

+2 Ultra Ball

-1 Hypnotoxic Laser

-1 Colress

-1 Crystal Wall

-1 Escape Rope

-3 water energy

-2 electric energy


How does this look? I think I removed a lot of the unnecessary things, and started focusing the deck a little bit more. Instead of trying to get "powerful attackers" out there, I lessen the focus to Manectric or Greninja. I realized I don't need the Escape Rope, because with Black Kyurem gone, the highest retreat cost in the deck is two. I still feel like it needs a little bit of work. I playtested it, and it works a lot better.

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I'd remove Elesa instead of Colress.

I actually find Elesa really useful, for searching the spirit link, muscle band, and rock guard. What else can I do to fix my deck?

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