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Posting Expired notification glitch


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I've been facing the following glitch for a long time now.


Posting Expired Notification keeps on popping up in the notifications bar, even when I don't have any trades up for trade / no trade is nearing the expiry time.


I've personally been watching this over, before reporting this bug in order to be sure that I don't pass on any wrong info.


Please look into it game developers and thnx for reading :)

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Hello azimuthal_,


It would be incredibly helpful to our investigation if you could take any screenshots which depict this issue and submit those to us via the support portal. A support ticket can be created by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Image files can be attached there directly.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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This happens to me too.

This "posting expired" shows trades which were taking place 24 (i believe) hours ago, even if these trades are completed or rejected.

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Hey Mod_Poplar,


I submitted the same error in an earlier thread where you had suggested the same about the screenshot. This thread it was



But I can not say how a screenshot here helps if the fact is stated that every offer expires - the important part is on the fact that already accepted or cancelled offers get an expired message too. It comes up with an expired message for:

1. every private offer after 24 hours

2. all public created offers after either 8, 24 or 48 hours (depending on the original choosen time when creating the offer)

3. every cancelled offer after the offer expiring time depending on what kind of offer it was (private No. 1, public no. 2)


In this case it is possible that you can get an expired message for a card (which then you should have atleast a one-off copy in your collection) that you get back to your collection for 'a new trade' but this card has an amount of '0' because this offer was accepted before and now the expiring messages even more confuses - how can something expire if you do not have it?! :o


Hope this makes things a bit more clear despite not giving screenshots for a submitted ticket.

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