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New to Pokemon, trying to build a Vir-Gen Deck


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Hello there, I'm new to PTCGO and looking to trade the variety of stuff I've acquired so far towards building a real deck I can take into tournaments.


Here's what I'm looking for:

4x Virizion EX

3x Genesect EX

2x PLS Zubat

1x PLF Mr. Mime


1x G Booster

1x Colress Machine

2x Startling megaphone

1x Super Scoop-up

1x Ultra Ball

1x Muscle Band


1x Shadow Triad

4x Skyla

1x Professor Juniper


4x Plasma Energy



So that's what I need, here's what I have. I don't really know what people want So I've just listed everything, sorted by set and rarity.




--Red Stars--

1x Azumarill

1x Blaziken *foil*

1x Elektross

1x Huntail

1x Kingdra

1x Manaphy *foil*

2x Manectric

--White Stars--

2x Beedrill

1x Breloom

4x Gorebyss *1 foil*

1x Groudon *foil*

1x Kyogre *1 foil*

4x Ludicolo *1 foil*

1x Magcargo

1x Medicham

1x Ninetails

2x Rhyperior *1 foil*

1x Sceptile *foil*

1x Tangrowth

1x Tentacruel






--Red Stars--

1x Chandelure

1x Florges EX *Fullart*

1x Genagar EX *Fullart*

1x Gigalith *Foil*

2x Goodra *1 Foil*

1x Malamar EX

1x Regigigas


--White Stars--

1x Blissey

1x Bronzong

2x Diggersby *Foil*

2x Escavalier *1 Foil*

2x Galvantula

1x Honchcrow

1x Jellicent

2x Musharna

1x Spiritomb

1x Swalot

3x Venomoth *1 Foil*

1x Yanmega





--Red Stars--

1x Blaziken

1x Landorus *Foil*

1x M Heracross EX

1x M Lucario EX

1x Poliwrath


--White Stars--

2x Drapion *1 Foil*

1x Electivire

1x Glaceon

1x Golurk

1x Gothitelle

1x Hariyama

1x Hypno

2x Leafeon

1x Magmortar

1x Pangoro

1x Thundurus

1x Tornadus





--Red Star--

1x Toxicroak EX

--White Star--

1x Luxray

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I would suggest looking for another deck. From what I see, trading all your exs and foils wouldnt even get you 1 virizion-ex or genesect-ex. These cards are very rare and high in demand. The most popular decks nowadays would be the night march deck which is inexpensive and cheap to get but may not be compatible for tournaments.

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