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How fix red cards (no available cards)


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Hi, i torande, i very bad talking english, but i find who fix this bug of red cards


i send a mp to a mod for they make a .rar with the cards, when they give the download link maybe they say how use it, this tutorial exist only becuse my brother play the game and he dont have the red cards bug, i copy the 2 folders in his locallow and paste in the mine

i know a lot people dont have friend/relative with the healthy cards, but i dont post any donwload link becuse i dont want be accused for infect virus in others pc

sooo you must wait to any mod give the rar


the cards have a weight of 3,78 gb but with winrar 5,20 4gb of ram(and no open programs ) using 512 mg of dictionary for 30 min the rar have a weight 700 mg or less


Programs you need: winrar 5.20 (if you dont have idea of your current version unistall it and donwload from the oficial pag its free, the 5,20 version was realease the 20 february if i remember )

Cclean (trial version and its no necessary the last version)


suggest program: revo unistaller (trial version)



this tutorial its only for windows, sorry i dont use mac so i dont know if can work in both


1: unistall the game (i use revo unistaller for delete ALL the program, if you dont know how use it, search a video tutorial)


2 Use Cclean and clean the temporal files (be carefull dont delete the cookies or pass if you dont have how remember it)


3: go this place




3,2: if you cant see appdata then you must make visible all hide folders:


STEP--- Click on start--->Click on Control Panel---> Appearance and Personalization--->Click on Folder Option--->Click on Show Hidden Files and Folder Option---> Click on Show hidden files--->Click on apply--->click on ok


4: look in C:\Users\Yournamepc\AppData\LocalLow if there any folder call


The Pok__mon Company International or Unity





5: reset the pc


6 donwload and install the last installer of pokemon tcg online, dont use old copys


7: extrac the rar (The Pok__mon Company International and Unity) in the C:\Users\Yournamepc\AppData\LocalLow


8: open the game like admin (right click the option with a shield yellow and blu)


9: login your game


10: collection > and copy this options


dont use filters >> see all cards you have and you dont have >> choose the 2 option for see cards (left the second option for see all cards at same time)


11: wait (i only need 12 min and only 4 cards are no available) to all cards are with his pics or red, now go to trainers cards, and energy cards etc


12: check all the cards if they a red card, close the game and open it again, remember the names of the cards next to the red cards for find it more fast


i hope everyone can fix this bug, this guide it worked for me


source: Tora nii know about

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