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How to unmark the "tradable cards"


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It's simple.


I mark some cards as interchangeable when I have 5 or more copies of any, to know what cards can I give for changes and maybe receive offers.


As example I had 6 of Excadrill. But now I traded 2 of them and I want to keep the other 4 I own.


How do I "switch off" the mark for no being interchangeable anymore?


I suppose that if it's a way to do it, it's the same way for the cards to review and the desired/favourite ones.


Thanks for the help.

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Just go to collection , then press the trade tag mark(like you tagged it for trade) again and ur card is not tagged anymore :)


Good luck :)

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Oh nice!

It doesn't work before. I had to tag it twice for being marked. And clicking once doesn't make nothing (nor marking nor unmarking). So clicking the marked ones once doesn't quit, and clicking two were marked again.

It's working properly now for the first time LOL.

Thank you

If any mod see it, can be closed.



Edit: The point is that the unmarking only works when seeing the cards one by one in a row, in collection with the bigger view, not with others. I think it's a thing to fix in the game.

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Hey there!


Yes, there is a known bug when trying to tag or untag cards while in Zoomed view (in this case, while trading or while zoomed in in the Collection). You can get around this by tagging from your Collection while not in Zoomed view as you've already figured out. :)


I'll be closing this thread as requested. I hope this was helpful!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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