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rename 'ranked game' to 'find similar match' and actually add a ranked play


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ranked play is a misnomer since no one knows their rank, and it also discourages people from playing their deck with other people.


if you actually make a pretty bad deck, the experience is ACTUALLY pretty good, you will not go up against competitive decks but others who have made a pretty bad deck. I have done this myself and it proves true. I ran into people with basically decks made out of beginner decks with very little additions. (theres an issue if you have multiple decks but thats beside this point).


so if you renamed it to "find a similar match". then people will be more likely to try the versus with a 'beginner' deck they make and as more people do that they run into each other. and fun is had by all. and in fact, that describes the current vs mode better than 'ranked'


in the mean time, it would be nice to ACTUALLY have a ranked ladder where people can see their rank / zone / tier whatever. so theres some metrics to be had on where you stand.


right now it is named intimidatingly yet not offering any sort of 'rank' or positional knowledge making the whole experience rather vague. this is why you have people grinding and conceding because the only visible goal is to get more tokens/packs. with a rank/tier/league thing people have something to work towards and a more obvious and measurable goal.


and finally if some other suggestions like individual deck based rating also make it in, then you can have a great time making all kinds of decks to see how far you can get it.

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Hi kalendae,


I'll submit your input to the Dev team for consideration and leave your thread open in the meantime. Thanks for your suggestions!

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