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BUG Booster Black & White " Dark Explorers " (06/03/2015 - 00:15 )


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Je viens rencontrer un problème pendant l'achat d'un Booster nommé ( Noir & Blanc / Dark Explorers Booster )




J'ai acheter le Booster, l'argent à était pris et je n'est pas reçu le booster en échange je souhaiterais être dédommager S'il Vous Plait ! ( 95 Token ou Booster ).






Good evening,




I come to meet a problem during the purchase of a named(appointed) Booster (Black and White / Dark Explorers Booster)




I have to buy the Booster, the money(silver) in was taken and I is not received the booster in exchange I would like to be to compensate Please! (95 Token or Booster)






BUG Booster Black & White " Dark Explorers " Date - Time . (06/03/2015 - 00:15 <= France)



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The booster packs purchased from the Shop can take a while depending on your connection to the server. Just wait for around 5 - 10 minutes and see if it comes up.

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Hey there!


As stated above, there can sometimes be a delay when redeeming Trainer Tokens for a booster pack. If this pack still has not been added to your Collection, we ask that you submit a ticket to the support team for further investigation. You can do so by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Please include as much information as possible in your ticket, including a general date/time during which you experienced this. Feel free to submit your ticket in French if that is most comfortable for you. :)


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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